Sunday, February 7, 2010

So the snow storm that has hit midwest hit Indianapolis on Friday afternoon, sending everyone scurrying for shelter and closing the place I work part time.  Friday night off and my darling husbands suggests I go out for drink with my friend, another mama (of twins and a 7 month old). From where we live we can easliy walk into Broad Ripple, even in the snow.  A night like this calls for just the right venue, we knew it was either OPT's or The Alley Cat. OPT's was bound to be filled with sports fanatics and since neither of us could give a damn about football, the Cat it was.  Plus, the food is way better.  But you'd never guess it...I promise, I'll add pictures sometime...but the Alley Cat is a local's dive, a hidden gem halfway down a grimy alley, it is where you end your night, staggering and giggling(if you are a happy drunk, like me).  Since we were there at 8:30,(absurdly early for Cat goers), we easily snagged a table, got adult beverages and I order some supper.  Anyone who has hung out in BR for any length of time can tell you about The Alley Cat hamburgers, Ahh, I wish I had brought my camera, huge, juicy and yum.  Like ohmygodyum and all falling apart and you are looking like a complete pig and it is That Good that you don't care.  Nobody else in the place cares either, because unless they are interlopers,(so who cares what they think) they have experienced the metaphysical joy of the Alley Cat hamburger.  With bacon.  And Cheese.  And Everything on it. And a side of gorgeous onion rings fried to a turn.  I think I'm drooling right now thinking about it.

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