Tuesday, February 2, 2010

Snack Time

After a week of cold temps and sick kids, I was able to walk to the store with Twins and Fra.  It is a brisk and blowy day, but still very nice for walking.

 The way memory is triggered by smell is amazing to me, suddenly while we were walking, I was struck by scent and memory.  The cold, damp air, the smell of diesel and winter.  It smelled just like Belfast, but I was standing at the corner of College and Westfield.  It isn't actually a nice smell, but it brings back such nice memories of visiting my sister that it is a comforting smell.  I suppose the Belfast smell is why I let Fra buy powered sugar donuts at the drugstore, my sister would approve of him getting a sweet, and thats what he picked. They were the Hostess ones, you know, Donettes, that slays me.  He ate one on the way home...

And one with lunch, along with his bread and butter, hummus and pretzel sticks and green apple slices...all his choice.  Then he went to nap, singing  "Oh no, I can't sleep.  Oh Mommy, come on.  I can't sleep."  He did sleep, though.

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