Monday, February 1, 2010

It's my party and I'll eat if I want to...

So it was my birthday and I love food.  On my actual birthday, we ordered take-away chinese.  Mmmmm, for both sodium, fat, fried-ness and cost, we hardly ever order chinese.  But on birthdays none of that count.  We ordered from Side Wok Cafe, in Broad Ripple.  In our opinion they are far and away the BEST take-away chinese food, in fact I think they rival some of the fancier, sit down restaurant.  Their soup(Hot and Sour is our fav) is full of fresh mushrooms and tofu, none of that wrinkly rehydrated stuff.  It is hot and spicy and garlicy.  The egg rolls have nice crunchy vegetables and are fried perfectly.  The Pu Pu platter is yum good and huge.

As you can see, we had an extravagantly large much in fact that we just had left-overs for dinner, with a little white rice and steamed veggies.  Yum.

They don't have a website...but heres a link with their address, phone and a strange and poorly scanned version of their menu.  Check them out.

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