Sunday, January 24, 2010

So- what are we about?

Who are we...two people in love and 5 awesome kids 9 and under.  So why a food blog, seems like we should be handing out parenting advice, right?  Ha.  Well, in our house, it's all about the food...we like to cook it, we like to grow it...Chris really wants some chickens so we can eat them, oh...I mean the eggs.  Of course. We have always loved food and cooking but somewhere, about 5 or so years ago, we began really thinking about cooking, thinking about food, and what goes into our food.  Realizing that eating was so much more than just yum, but should be mmmm, yum,yum, or even ohmygodthatsgood, mmm, YUM.  That sustenance should not just feed the belly, but the whole body...that canned corn isn't the same as frozen and frozen isn't the same as fresh.  That a meal should refresh the heart and the body.  What do we have to work with? Our oldest who is a mostly vegetarian and mostly only eats white food, two boys who will eat everything, and the twins who are just learning to eat...I love to bake and am still afraid of cooking fish and Chris is a better cook, but not as good at grilled cheese.
Plus, yeah...we love to eat.  We love to garden, we love to see farms and we begin to document the days of wine and roses and mac and cheese and peanut butter and ...well we'll have to see where it takes us.
This is our journey to feed our children and to feed our souls.

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