Monday, August 23, 2010

Schwank Family Fundraiser

So taking 7 people on a vacation includes a lot of figuring out, a lot of diapers, internet searches, excitement, anxiety and, well, money.  My kids are beside themselves with the idea of Las Vegas...lights and action, the desert and--the best part--Brad and Carrie's wedding!
So we are fundraising to help buy our the end of August.
Heres what we've got--three options...
Buy my prints!  I have beautiful, unique images from home and abroad that are printed matted and ready to frame.  Each image is signed and titled (by yours truly!) and prints that are 5x7 or larger are limited and numbered.  Many of my older prints are actual hand printed in the darkroom--yes thats right, we're talking film here!  The truth is my selection is SO varied that I can't possibly show you all the images...but keep in mind some of the possibilites--
Northern Ireland
San Francisco
New Orleans

Visit FB to see options...

Send me a note and ask for something..did you see an image of mine on Facebook that you would love in your home?  Just ask...I'll anwser!
Prints make a wonderful holiday gift--get ahead of of your shopping and get your friends and family something special.
Here are the "my kids want to see the desert" special print prices.
2x3 print matted 5x7--$10
5x7 print matted 8x10 $17
5x7 print matted 11x14 $ 22
8x10 print matted 11x14 $27

Larger prints available, please inquire...  And YES I ship anywhere in the world, just add $3.00.

are you local? ... consider hiring me for a portrait session--special "we need plane tickets" rate of $125... go ahead and purchase the session now and we can set it for when ever you wish, now or in the lovely Indiana Fall.
(Makes an amazing gift for family--do you know someone with a new baby?  Hire me as a gift and be a hero!)

Visit my work blog for details on my sessions...


Did you know that my darling husband is not only adorable and makes awesome bread but is the computer guy of computer guys... so the heres the "can't wait to see Brad and Carrie tie the knot" pricing...
buy his time, $20 a hour... you can purchase time in $ 20 increments to use when that time comes... and it always comes...
no computer job too big or too small,
Computers un-crashed
Viruses removed
Data recovered
Network connections made

 Visit his facebook page.

Yes we take paypal, checks or cash for any of the above...

Help us fund our first family of SEVEN vacation... we would appreciate it.  Every $10 adds up.

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