Monday, April 5, 2010

Go Dawgs!

Mostly, I am not a sports fan.  Oh I love a baseball game, especially live, I love my kids soccer games,  well, I like soccer...but really see no point at all to football. Basketball season usually comes and goes and I don't notice.  Except this year when in the NCAA a little university called Butler slowly gained speed and power until this past weekend when they beat Michigan to play in the final game, tonight.  Now my sister went to Butler, lots of friends did, we live not two miles from the pretty campus... so you know we were supporting them.  A small Cinderella team, kinda like the movie Hoosiers.
So I'm talking to my sister in Belfast today, (She put a tenner on Butler) and she is on holiday this week(for Easter) and she is eating "American Food" all day in celebration of Butler.  And I think, well...thats a great idea, so we did too.  Hopefully our own way of supporting them will help...go Bulldogs!  And as my sister said...may you each have the heart of a lion and courage of three men.

Our All American Meal.



Waffle Fries

Emmet's plate

Alice had her first pickle and she loved it and devoured it.

Paddy didn't.

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  1. I love this post for many reasons.

    One- I was thinking of your sister this morning. Don't know why..the Butler connection I suppose.

    Two- My kids teethed on pickles and love them to this day. Your babies are precious!

    Three- We made waffle fries for dinner tonight too!

    Four- I remember fondly, Holcomb Gardens. Where some kinda sweet, kinda naughty, fiercely independent, teenagers like to spend some time.

    Hugs, jess